Applying Proper Computer Security Practices

Have you heard the news? “The bulk of the Internet was recently Shut Down”!!

Well, that’s a little extreme, but the headline from the popular anti-virus company, Avast, certainly grabs your attention and talks about cyber and computer security.
The real scoop? Yes, there was a cyber attack as hackers unleashed a large distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on the servers of Dyn, one of the Internet’s major Domain Name Server provider – in simple terms: evil doers sent 10s of millions of requests to access hundreds of popular websites all at once. And they kept sending those 10s of millions of requests over and over causing you to get a busy signal when you tried to access these popular sites.
But the real eye opener is how the attack was created. The hackers took advantage of security holes in hundreds of thousands of internet connected devices – like internet connected webcams.


It all boils down to, are you applying proper security practices – such as changing the username and password on all your internet connected devices? Ultimately it is your responsibility.


Here is a concise yet thorough article offering classic tips to protect yourself. And always remember, your friends at Personal Computer Sales and Service employ the latest security protocols and are happy to address your computer concerns.
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