Are legacy systems costing you money?

Recently, the on-site Email Exchange server of a long-time customer of ours suffered catastrophic hardware failure!
They could not send or receive emails!! Let that sink in for a minute.
Conventional thinking would say to replace the bad hardware, reinstall the operating system and the various Exchange licenses and then restore the data from backup – a time consuming and costly process to say the least.
It was time for a modern solution – migrate their Email Exchange service to a Hosted solution!
Of course the customer had their concerns:
Isn’t there a bigger risk of downtime? –  No. Even in the event an organization loses connection to the Internet, there are other avenues available to access their email, like their mobile devices or the local coffee shop. Top-of-the line hosted Exchange providers connect their customers to their own world-class Exchange infrastructures, offering clustered high availability, redundancy, backup and disaster recovery. This protects small organizations lacking an IT department from the pain of unplanned downtime.
How secure is a hosted solution? – Every month Microsoft releases patches for Exchange and the Windows operating system it runs on, and in some months that number reaches 25 or more. Hosted solutions manage and apply security updates without any downtime to their customers due to their built in redundancies. Additionally, an in-house solution opens the door for curious subordinates to read the confidential emails of top executives, a door that is securely closed with a hosted solution.
Will we have to rely on the Hosted Provider to manage our email? – No. Today’s top hosted Exchange solutions allow non-technical administers, such as office managers, to add and remove users, manage mailboxes, distribution lists and mobile device connections, etc. —all in real time.
How expensive will it be? – It is estimated that a Hosted solution can be as much as 75% less expensive compared to on-site server solutions. For our customer, we estimate they will see a savings in the neighborhood of $700 yearly! That may not sound like big savings, but for them and the community they serve, it will make a world of difference!
After we addressed their concerns, they signed off and we went into action. Having worked with a trusted Exchange Host provider previously, we quickly set up their emails accounts restoring their ability to send and receive email. And later, from their properly backed up data, we successfully restored their past emails.
Bottom line: Email has become the single most important tool for business communication, period. How badly would your business be impacted if you did not have access to email? How are your legacy systems, like on-site MS Exchange servers, cutting into your profitability? Give your trusted friends at Personal Computers Sales and Service a call, and let us consult with you to discover ways to increase your bottom-line.