iPhone and iPad Repair

We live in a mobile world and in order to function we have mobile devices to keep us productive and connected. And things can come to a screeching halt when that mobile device is dropped or damaged.
For over 30 years, Personal Computers Sales & Service has been a trusted resource for expert, reliable Mac and PC computer support and repair at a fair price. We are pleased to announce, we are extending that same expert, reliable repair and support to Apple iPhones and iPad tablets.
We carefully weighed our options and concluded that repairing and supporting iPhones and iPads made the most sense not only from a business perspective, but ultimately it made the most sense as how best to serve our customers.
Mobile device repair and support is a highly competitive field with a repair shop seemingly on every corner. Here are a couple of things you should know: when you bring your device to the Apple Store or an authorized Apple Service Provider, it is like taking your device to the dealership for your car and as such you will pay dealer prices.
Thankfully, there are independent car repair places that provide satisfactory repairs at a fraction of the cost using aftermarket parts. And the mobile device repair industry is no different. As such most people find that independent mobile device repair shops provide satisfactory repairs at a fraction of the cost.
We chose to repair and support Apple iPhones and iPads because of the high demands placed on quality control for the aftermarket parts. We always strive for excellence in the service we provide and we felt repairing and supporting iPhones and iPads had the best potential in achieving an excellent experience for our customers.
We offer 60 day warranty on all our iPhone and iPad repairs at a fair price. We provide “While You Wait” service by appointment or if you can afford to be without your mobile device for a day, feel free to drop it off and we can have it ready for you next business day.
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