How to Backup Your Data in Windows 10

It’s a fact, your hard drive will eventually stop working (you know, your hard drive…where ALL your files and programs are stored?) and sometimes a hard drive dies to the point that all your data dies with it.
We are continually dismayed by the number of people who come into our shop and answer “No” when we ask them “Is your data backed up?”
Recovery of your data from a failed drive starts at $100, and the results are not guaranteed. More expensive solutions can run hundreds or even over a thousand dollars and again results are NOT guaranteed.
Today, we want to share with you a video from the good people at PC World. This will show you, the average PC user using Windows 10, one simple method how you can protect all your documents, all your priceless photos, and your complete music and video library.
To start you will need a Portable External Hard Drive. If you don’t have one, you can get one at your local super electronics store like Best Buy or a Walmart, and of course we sell them too. In the video, they use a USB Flash drive which is ok, but usually Flash Drives do not have enough space to do a complete back up. A Portable External Hard Drive will usually have 1TB or more in size - more than enough for the average user.
Ok, take 3 minutes and watch this video and start backing up your data today and gain some peace of mind.
And if for ANY reason you are not sure or not comfortable setting it up yourself, call us! We are happy to help.
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