Are you one of the 35% of users still using good old reliable Windows 7? If you are then this message is for you – Microsoft has officially announced it will no longer support Windows 7 as of January 2020. This means it is time to upgrade to Windows 10.

I know, I know…like many we tend to lean on the old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” However, the number one issue an unsupported operating system could lead to is vulnerabilities in your cybersecurity.

Reduce your exposure to cyber-security threats!

Microsoft is constantly creating patches for new viruses, Trojan horses and other malware. Having unpatched vulnerabilities puts you and your business at risk to online attacks in the forms of viruses, Trojan horses, Ransomware and other malicious attacks.

Additionally, web browsers are constantly upgrading their security software and will soon no longer support the Windows 7 operating system. This may disable your ability to access key secure websites like financial institutions. In a nutshell, you or your business may no longer meet business or regulatory compliance requirements.

So ask yourself, does it really make sense to wait for something to break? Is it really worth waiting having your system breached because you don’t have the proper security patches? I mean, if you are driving a car and see a potential accident ahead, you would avoid it, right?

I’ll presume you answered, “Yes”. So now what? Now you create a migration plan and identify which machines are affected and figure out what it will take for a successful upgrade.

Time to plan to upgrade to Windows 10

I think we all agree that Windows 10 updates have a history of not always worked properly. So when it comes to transitioning from Windows 7 specifically, a big part of the problem is caused by the fact there is no automatic upgrade in-place. Additionally, throughout the process, each user’s data, apps and settings must be preserved – a lot of details to keep track of to say the least!

An important first step is to start the process sooner rather than later. January 2020 might sound like a long way off, but even with the perfect migration plan in place, it is better to build extra time into the schedule to address any unforeseen issues that may pop up.

Reducing that pain and streamlining the process is where Personal Computers Sales & Service comes in. This isn’t our first migration rodeo and it won’t be the last. Call us today and let’s work together to keep your business ahead of the curve and avoid any potential accidents…I mean downtime.