Server Support & Maintenance

Expert server support and maintenance is something most businesses don’t think about. For the most part servers are out of sight, which typically means they are out of mind…that is until there is a problem. The server crashes and you discover your RAID failed last year, your backups stopped three months ago and your disk reached 100% capacity, corrupting your database.
Internal server error

Server Support is a necessity!

Your server is the heart of your business. Don't neglect it!

Servers are amazing things. They are the critical backbone to your company’s priceless information and they are the central nervous system that connects the various network endpoints (ie workstations, printers, etc) together.
Your server hums along 24/7, usually without issue, but like any machine it does require maintenance.
Simple server support and maintenance can often prevent a server failure from turning into a server disaster. That’s where Personal Computer Sales & Service comes in. With more than 3 decades of experience, we implement procedures and processes to prevent data loss, security breaches and poor site performance.
Partial List of Services Include:
  • Check Utilization and Optimize Performance
  • Verify Data Backup Integrity
  • Routinely Check Server Health
  • Apply OS Updates and Patches
  • Review Security Settings
You have a business to run, that’s your expertise. Give us a call and let us be the experts to assure your systems are maintained, secured and backed up.