Cyber Security Prevention: Router & Firewall Solutions

Wifi, router and firewall intall

An essential part of keeping your company’s system secure is having a proper router and firewall in place. While the router ties together each computer in the office, the firewall keeps unauthorized users from accessing the company network and stealing or compromising confidential information.

Many business networks fall victim to hackers each year, which can cost a company millions in unwanted expenses. A properly maintained firewall and router is key to preventing possible security breaches both from within and externally. In addition to monitoring outgoing data, it also blocks any unwanted incoming traffic and possibly malicious attacks from malware, ransomware or viruses, as well as prevent access to any potentially inappropriate websites.

Personal Computer Sales & Service are experts at keeping everything secure with our firewall configuration support. If you need help setting up the system or have questions, our qualified technicians can help you with every step of the process. Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, network security is critical to keeping the company running. Let Personal Computer Sales & Service help you with the process.

Our trained staff will be glad to answer any questions or concerns you may have about setting up a router or firewall for your office. Having improper protection can cost you a lot. While a wireless network helps keep your business connected, an unsecured connection can leave you prone to security problems. These problems can take time out of your busy schedule, and money out of your wallet. If you have a deadline looming, you cannot afford to work with an unsecured connection. Call Personal Computer Sales & Service today to get your business wireless network set up!

With Personal Computer Sales & Service’s wireless network installation, we can not only help you configure your router, but we will also secure your network, show you how to use it and prevent possible attacks. We can have one of our qualified technicians at your business within 24 hours, and have your computer network running safely and securely. Our versatility allows us to work with both Windows and MAC operating systems.

With our affordable pricing and many flexible options, we can help you find a plan that suits both your budget and schedule, and have you online within minutes…securely. Let Personal Computer Sales & Service provide you with support that you cannot afford to go without!